Monday, January 13, 2014


I didn´t get to watch the broadcast, I have far too much work to do! They might print it out in Spanish and give it to us tomorrow in the meetings.

I really really really wanted to stay in Bellavista at least two more weeks because my querida familia is going to get baptized if all goes well this Saturday!! And I think I just might be staying. There´s the slight chance that one of us will get called to train this Tuesday when the new missionaries arrive, but I am very positive that I will not be training, at least until I can understand what people are saying to me more.I don`t think Hermana Chil will be leaving to train either because she just got here. Don`t get me wrong, I can communicate myself, it´s just that they speak so fast and the accent is so muddled that it`s hard to understand what they say back to me. I hate to think how things went with Trav, because apparently Ecuadorian Spanish is nothing compared to chileno. That job sounds great for Travis, I hope he loves it.

I got packages! Right after we emailed the zone leaders called saying we had mail. Me and my compañera had a swell time opening packages from the Kims, Merciers, and you guys! Thanks to some severe stomach issues for both of us, we haven`t been able to eat the candy but we do use it as thank you gifts when member accompany us on citas.

Speaking of stomach issues.... I´ve lost weight. I´m almost willing to let whatever has been going on the last week keep going for another fifteen or so pounds though. One of the Pazmiños told my companion that she`s just getting fatter while I`m actually getting skinnier. They`re pretty open about stuff like that. But I have been adopting a diet of just white bread and these cutesy mini bananas they´ve got here and if things don`t start... getting better... soon, I might have to see a doctor. I don`t want that though, so send me some prayers! It`s been cool to see though that even though things have been not pretty, we´ve always been able to work and do what we got to do, and almost all of the times I´ve had issues with my stomach have been in the morning or at night after we`re done working.

I love love love love love the mom and daughters that we`ve been teaching, and who are getting baptized this week. It took a few weeks for me to figure it out, but she is so much like Aunt Alyssa! It took me a while to figure that out because of the whole  she-doesn´t-speak-English thing, but she has the same sassy zesty attitude that Aunt Alyssa has. I love her, and her daughters are so sweet. I also mentioned the other investigator last week. He`s progressing well, even though after every lesson his Jehovah´s Witness grandpa tells him that every thing we said was a lie. He told us that he doesn´t listen, and that he feels good about the decision he made to commit to baptism, and that he feels ready to be baptized. He went through some really difficult trials this last year, and so on new years he prayed that God would help him change his life and be happier. Three days later, he meets us! He said that normally he would have never accepted an invitation to go to another church, let alone actually attended, but he felt that we were his answer.

Cool huh!?! I just love it when someone accepts the gospel and when you can see how it really is changing and blessing their life. 

I have to keep this short, (mostly because I`m not sure what else to say) but I really hope that you take President Messer´s challenges seriously. The missionaries will absolutely love you, the people that you invite to come unto Christ will love you even more, and Heavenly Father will be so proud and happy as you accept the calling he extended to all members to be involved in the work of salvation
Holly and Beebz! Don`t make this a goal that you forget about in a week! It`s too important! And it`s easier than you think. Take advantage of the opportunity you have to share the gospel in English haha. And I`m telling you, invite your friends to a family home evening, and if they accept the invitation, invite the missionaries. The noches de hogar have helped so much because they demonstrate how the huge gospel message works in small and simple ways to bless the family. Okay. I`m done preaching to you. But seriously, do it! Sharing the gospel is the best. 

Urgh okay we came to a junky cyber and it`s not wanting to read my camera or my memory card, but I only had two pictures anyways. For the noche de hogar last week, we taught them to play ninja destruction (after the lesson of course, we didn`t just play ninja). They didn`t catch on quite as well, and I definitely would have won except I was wearing a dress, and we had to leave before they finished. Actually, I don`t really think the dress would have stopped me from winning. But the pictures are kinda funny because Manuel and Victor got all sassy with their poses in the background.

Manuel es el gordo posing. I´m not being mean by the way, literally everyone calls him el gordo.  My camera doesn`t take great pictures now because the lens doesn`t move and I can`t zoom or anything, so that´s why I haven`t taken many pictures. I did break my camera out for a bit though because I thought this was going to be my last youth noche de hogar like this.

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