Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Hermana Cefalo, mi compañera Hermana Fox, Hermana Rust (hey that´s me!) and Hermana Chalmers this morning at the temple. There´s a huge fountain in front of the temple and we´re standing in front of it.

Missionaries going to Ecuador Guayaquile Norte that were at the Georgia airport. More missionaries going to my mission showed up later, but these are the ones I got pictures with.

 My y Hermana Fox at the temple. 

 This was lunch today. Oreo cheesecake holla! Did I mention that there´s Nutella at every meal and you slather it on not with a knife, but with a spatula!? Tell Alexa that, she´ll be happy for me.

Me and a stone head that´s in some random spot. 

 The Mexican president does a grito (?) where he says ¡Viva (fill in name of one of the starters of the rebellion)! And everyone shouts ¡VIVA! It´s a very solemn occasion, and we watched it on the news together at 11 o clock Sunday night. This is some of the hermanas that live in our casa, they are our best friends.  Me, Hermana Fox, Hermana Eastman, Hermana White, Hermana Chalmers, y Hermana Cefalo.

In front of the Mexico City temple, this is my district. Elder Baggs & Elder Christensen (our awesome district leader), Elder Scott, Elder Magnessun(Chile Antiwhatever),   Elder Reynolds, Hermana Chalmers, Hermana Cefalo, Hermana Fox, me, Elder Nelson, Elder Hendricks, y Elder Kemp.  Everyone´s from Utah except for me and Elder Scott.

 This is all the hermanas I share a room with on our first real day, the 11th.

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