Monday, February 10, 2014


Hola familia!
The day I have been dreading has come. I left my beloved Milagro. I think I was actually pretty ready to leave Milagro, but I love Hermana Chil so stinkin much that it is going to be hard to be away from her! Now I am in an area called Valencia, and it is gorgeous. So green! This morning I traveled to Guayaquil and then from there on a four hour bus ride to Valencia, which is why I am emailing so late.

 My new compañion is from Quito and right now I do not remember her name and I feel weird asking so I´ll fill you in on that later. She`s super cute and super short and so far (the last forty minutes) we have gotten along swimmingly. In the cyber that we`re in, they`re playing music in English. The Reason by Hoobastank of all things is playing right now. Kinda funny. I thought of Brandon and Beebz and Noelle.
I can hardly remember this week, I feel like so much has changed in the last 18 hours that I don`t remember anything else. This Sunday was rough, because we committed five investigators to attend church, and we got up way early to pass by all of their houses because we didn`t get help from the members to bring them, and church started at 8, so we got up early and passed by for all of them... and only Kevin (the miracle investigator) came. I was kinda relieved to leave Milagro just for this reason, because they basically have to start over from scratch pretty soon.

But I am excited for this new cambio! My companion does not speak English, which is exactly what I need, even though it does make things a little difficult. I was excited because I thought that I was going to be with two elders that were here before, but I found out that they`re in the other zone here. So new zone, only Spanish, all new people. I think it`s exactly what I need.

I don`t really have much time today, just because I travelled all day and we have to leave to work very soon, so this is going to be really short, but I love you all and thanks for the prayers and support!

Tell Barbara Christensen thanks for writing me. It`s kinda impossible to send anything back to her and it`s really expensive, but tell her thanks for all the letters. Who is she?

Me with the Torres and Pasmiño families, yesterday. Hermano Torres is holding Rebecca the plant. He completely deadpan refers to this plant as Rebecca like it`s a friend or daughter and it is the funniest thing ever. So this picture is basically all the people I treasure the most here. Kevin is the one on the far right on the couch.

Hermana Chil, Hermana Yurt, yo, y Hermana Perez. We had another intercambio this week, and I was with Hermana Yurt from Paraguay. She told me my Spanish was flawless (she`s very kind).

Me and Hermana Chil. This was the night that Alex and Johanna de Pazmiño took us home the looooong way and showed us where the went to school and met and it was precious

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