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New area... The new area is absolutely beautiful. The men here are much more respectful and while they do pay more attention to me than I would like, most of them don`t shout at me. I did tell a creeper that walked way too close to me and said`goodnight baby`(in English) right in my ear. And by tell off I mean that I said (in Spanish) that I speak Spanish and that I didn`t like what he said.

This has been a week of personal growth. I didn`t like how a lesson was going this week, I think it was day 2 that I was here, so I took the initiative and completely changed what was going on. Normally, I would have never had the courage to do that, I would have just followed along and prayed internally for things to get better. So that was exciting for me. I know it doesn`t sound like much, but remember, I`m speaking Spanish here and it was a big deal for me!

 I`m trying desperately to think of things to say...
Today we ate in a two story KFC in Quevedo. So that was interesting. I don`t know why anyone would need a two story KFC but they´ve got one here. It had a pool table.....

Presidente Amaya was invited by the stake president here to give a training about ward council. Isn`t it funny to think that I attend ward council now? It scares me though, I don`t like that he knows my name. He was calling on missionaries to answer his questions during the meeting yesterday and they had to stand in front of everyone with a microphone and say things and I really did not want to do that. I knew the answers, I just have this awful habit of forgetting how to pronounce words right when I`m in front of lots of people. Lots of people have complimented me on my Spanish though! I always like when that happens. The bishop´s wife in my new ward thought that I had tons of time in the mission, and she was really surprised when I told her I only had 4 months here (even though technically I have 5 months in the mission... I have four in Ecuador and that`s really all that counts. FIVE MONTHS what?).

I don`t really have anything else to say, nor new pictures, so I`ll just send you some of the pictures I couldn`t send last week.
Love you all!

Oh yeah, there`s a Noelle and Eric couple here. Seriously! The guy is super tall and gangly and has that fresh off the mission friendly vibe, and his fiancee is a bubbly thing half his size. They`re presh. 

Me and Giandry. We decided my last day to be BFFS.

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