Monday, March 24, 2014


Hello family!
First of all, I am absolutely in the most beautiful place in the world. This week, we ventured to a place called la Cayambe, which is a tiny little town in the middle of the banana and rice and fruit fields. We have to travel twenty minutes to a town called La Esperanza and from there we climb onto a big truck. It`s kinda like a semi, but instead of having a big thing on the back, it has a bunch of wooden benches. So it`s an open drive and we go for an hour through the rice and fruit fields with the rivers winding through the fields and trees and I just sat there and said WOW for an hour. I wish I could take my camera and show you just how gorgeous it is, but it`s dangerous there are night and we never know when the trucks are going to pass by, so I don`t take my camera because I don`t want to get robbed. But wow. It`s gorgeous. 
This week, everyone decided that I`m the coolest person ever (I don`t know why it took them so long to figure it out, but better late then never I suppose)
Seriously. The girls from the ages of 6 to 18 especially love me. They just think I`m the bees knees. I don`t know why exactly, or why they decided this week, but so it is. 
I gave a talk yesterday. They assigned me to speak for ten minutes and who would have ever thought that I would go over my time?! I spoke for more than ten minutes straight in spanish. Please marvel over this with me.
Transfers came and went, and me and Hermana Guitarra remain. We are in the land of desolation. It`s been tough because the other pair of hermanas in our ward will have had 9 baptisms just this month, and we`re at zero... Awkward. Yesterday the bishop was just like.... "so... uh.... what do you guys do all day? Why don`t you have baptisms?" We don`t really know what else to do though, so we just continue onward and praying for a miracle!
The bishop and his family are still my favorites. We continued making plans for when I return to Ecuador to visit them with my rich pilot husband. Also, they think I know how to make pizza just because I`m American. I convinced them that it would be better if we made pancakes (I have mastered pancakes. Need to work on pizza still).
Attatched is a photo of Hermana Guitarra, Lina Velasco who looks gringa but is colombian, and me. Lina is the wife of the first counselor. She`s 24 and kinda my best friend here. She reminds me A LOT of Brittney. A LOT. And her husband reminds me a bit of Daniel which is just a little weird. 

The Hermanas in my zone!
Hermana Jerónimo from Guatemala, Hermana Blacutt from Bolivia, Hermana Scott from Provo (She lived in Spain and already speaks Spanish perfectly. Jealous.) Hermana Fajardo from Honduras, me, and Hermana Guitarra.

Elder Ugarte, my district leader from Peru (he loves practicing his English) Elder Torres from Peru (he calls me Hermana Burbuja because I really like saying burbuja which means bubble) and the Hermanas in my district.  
Three of my biggest fans. They really love me. They sing Justin Bieber and the new Miley Cyrus song to me. 

This picture is for the sisters. The little girls in the ward keep giving me "mini bum" candy. If you don`t think that`s funny, you`re wrong. 

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