Saturday, April 5, 2014


Well, here they think I sing like an angel. The four missionaries in our ward sang in the birthday party for relief society, and after that they think I sing swell. Then I sang - all alone - in a baptism Saturday. Just me. In Spanish. In front of A LOT of people. I sang Divina Luz, Lead Kindly Light. They also wanted me to sing in the ward conference but 1) No and 2) I don´t think that´s encouraged and 3) No.

When Hermana Wixom had the little girls stand and sing, they did it here in the chapel and you best believe I cried. Unashamedly. 
And then the video with all the people singing I Am A Child of God in all the languages I really really really cried. That conference was so amazing, I listened in Spanish of course, and I can´t take notes quite as fast in Spanish as in English and I can´t just switch my brain from Spanish to English in a jiffy, so I think I¨m going to print off the talks and read them again. By the way, we are very blessed to be able to listen to the people in their own words, because it´s just not quite the same to listen to President Eyring without his husky, low, about-to-cry voice. It was so great though, and we´ve been working with a member that is less active because she has severe resentments towards some members, but she came to the conference and she felt the spirit and it was fantastic. Although we haven´t had baptisms in many moons, I almost like rescuing less active members more, because they have to learn the gospel otra vez and it´s really rewarding when they have  resolved to continue in the gospel. 
What else...
This is from yesterday. Hermana Guitarra, Lina (consejera), Liliana (presidenta de mujeres jovenes) and Rosa (Relief Society presidenta).   

You all know that I´m not one for peace signs and duck faces but this was hilarious. With the exception of Lina, these are full grown women with children and all. Love it.

Me and Hermana Fajardo. She´s a dear.

My two biggest fans. I´m not great at their names....
But they love me and they help me with my Spanish and talk to me about Justin Bieber (not that I want to talk about him, but they do anyways)
Thanks for all the prayers this week (I´ve needed them!)

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