Monday, April 28, 2014


This week was wonderful. We are continuing to teach Angel, the single father, and they attended church yesterday. We taught them the doctrine of sanctify the sabbath day, and he committed right then and there to not work on sundays, even though that`s one of the days that work is the most available to him. His faith is amazing, and he and his son are so excited to be baptized this saturday. The second we teach them the commandments, they want to live them. It was the same with the Word of Wisdom and Law of Chastity. We really, really, REALLY love this family, and they love us too. They gave us some strange gigantic fruit. We`re not really sure how to eat it but we´ll figure it out.

OH MY GOODNESS PDAY WE WENT TO SIETE CASCADAS. I kid you not, best Pday ever, best day ever, and Ecuador is without a doubt the most beautiful place in the world. We went with some members from Buena Fe, another ward, and the sister missionaries serving there. It was really fun because we went with the bishop and his family, and they are such Leavitts. Really, I`m not kidding. The wife of the bishop is more quiet and is super sweet and pretty funny, and the bishop thinks he`s 15 and wants to climb up and jump off things and have fun and sometimes his wife has to remind him that he`s a full grown man haha. It was so much fun, I`ll send pictures. It was breathtaking gorgeous too, and we returned very muddy, very sore, and very happy. We climbed up the mountain the easy way, but took the scenic way down, which involved grabbing onto tree roots and vines to keep us from slipping down the mountain. It was quite the adventure. 

Hmmm what else... I love my companion. It´s fun to see that I can have fun and have the same type of friendship with someone that only speaks Spanish. We really hope we`re still together for Mother´s day because I want you to meet her and she wants me to meet her family. She`s a love, and I`ve already promised that I`m going to do all in my power to go to her wedding in the Monterrey temple.

Mission life definitely is hard, these months have been the hardest of my life, but I`m starting to actually understand why everyone says it`s the best time. I feel like I`m changed a ton, and that I`m becoming the type of person I need to be in order to deserve the caliber of husband I want to marry haha. We talk about temple marriage a lot in this mission.... Every training that President has given the last few months has had lots to do with temple marriage and our lives after the mission. I´m not trunky, but I am really excited to get married haha.

 Me and my comp at the 7th waterfall

They couldn`t belief that I wasn`t afraid to touch the stick bug. In fact, I stuck him on my head and he was with me a good half hour.  How do you say that? I know it`s not stick bug but that`s the only word I can come up with right now. 

The bishop from Buena Fe (Ecuadorian Bishop Leavitt) and me and Hermana Flores

This computer is super slow and I was going to send more pictures that showed us and just how gorgeous it is here, but I suppose you`ll just have to see next year. 

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