Monday, May 5, 2014


This week was nuts. We had the best and worst days ever, but we came out alive and without transfers!

The worst thing: All my pictures got erased. All 700. I don`t have a single picture in my camera.  I feel like crying. I transferred most of my pictures from Milagro to my pen drive but I never got around to passing the others because the only reason I transferred the photos before hand was because there was the constant danger of being robbed, and here in Valencia, not so much. But an elder asked to use my camera to take pictures with his memory card during a zone meeting, because his camera doesn`t work, and his memory card jacked up my camera and when I put my card back in, my camera got confused and corrupted all the files.
I.... I who have nothing.... That song came to my mind. 
AWkrjewalñkfjsdñlkfjañsldkfjañldskjfñlksdjf sad.

The good thing is that the bishop and his wife were pretty good about taking pictures and posting them to facebook. I might steal my companions camera and send some pictures from our ´¨Christmas´´ We decided that since we wouldn`t be passing Christmas together, we`d better celebrate our own mini Christmas, so we did! It was swell. I sure love her.

This week, we were stoked because our beloved Familia Herrera was going to be baptized. Saturday evening arrived, we stopped by their house to make sure everything was alright, and they weren`t there. Our hearts dropped, and we had no clue what to do. So they didn`t get baptized that night, but we helped resolve some doubts Sunday morning, and Angel, the father, got baptized Sunday morning half an hour before church started. He´s happy, and we`re going to keep working with the rest of the family.
Thursday, we had a multi-zone conference in Quevedo, there were over 100 missionaries there and Presidente Amaya came to instruct us and what not and I was excited because I really love meetings and trainings and conferences and all those fun things. So Presidente Amaya spoke for the first half hour and then said "And now Elder Gomez, Hermana Rust, and Elder Rodriguez are going to give talks."
Without warning. He assigned us themes and then we had to speak for five minutes. But he had mercy and my theme was the Restoration, and I haven`t passed a day in the last 7 months without talking about the Restoration. But it was scary! I was in front of over 100 missionaries, 90% of which are fluent Spanish speakers. I can`t say that I said anything profound, but I had two goals: don`t cry, and don`t vomit, and I fulfilled those two goals so I`ve decided to call the whole thing a major success. 

I`m not sure what else to say, all is well, I`m happy, relatively healthy, (Lina´s husband told me that I`m getting fat. Here, you can say that without getting punched in the face.) We ate 3 meals in the space of four hours yesterday.... 

Hmm... I feel like I had a ton to tell y´all but I forgot it all.
Anywho love you all. We´ll be communicated through the member`s facebooks to put us in the same schedule to call on Sunday because no one`s answering me back!

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