Monday, April 7, 2014


Okay I have to start things out by saying that I absolutely adore my new compañera. Her name is Hermana Flores, she`s from Mexico, and she`s a powerhouse of a missionary and we have tons of fun together. She talks so stinking fast! But I love her, we hit it off right away. We`re finding tons of people to teach and together we`re just having a ball while getting stuff done!  I`ll include a picture of her. She doesn`t like to smile in pictures but I`m working on that.

We started off this week well by celebrating as a zone meeting our goal. We celebrated by all going and eating lunch together on the mission president`s dime. It was fun. I didn`t contribute to the goal at all but it was nice to enjoy the fruits of other`s labors haha. Then the next day we had interviews with the President. This was my first interview with him since my first day in the mission field, and that day I didn`t understand a thing he said so I was only in there for about 30 seconds, so for this interview this week I was scared to death! I`m not really sure why I was so nervous (it could be that I am very honest with the president in my weekly emails to him.)  But yeah it went swell! We read scriptures together and he gave me come counsels and I`m kinda excited for my next interview, whenever that will be.

We have an investigator with a swastika tattoo in between her eyebrows.... She came to conference and really liked it! Also, we are teaching a brother and sister who are about the sweetest people ever and very humble and teachable and sensitive to the spirit. 

What else can I tell you? Obviously I loved conference. It`s not exactly the same because the translators´ voices don`t shake when the people are about to cry and the translators during the prayers take some creative liberty, but I loved it. I loved the first three hymns Saturday morning, those are my  three favorite hymns and I like to think that was a personal shoutout from Heavenly Father to me. I loved it though, lots of good stuff. I can`t take notes in Spanish very fast and I can`t switch my brain from English to Spanish fast so my notes don`t make much sense at times so I`m really excited to get the Liahona with all the conference addresses next month. 

We were eating lunch in the mall when two young men presented us with paper flowers and said in english "for two women beautifuls"
We responded in a professional manner, but kept the flowers because it was pretty funny. Hermana Scott

Our zone!

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