Monday, October 20, 2014

#50 Oct. 13, 2014

Last pday we went to Malecon, which is beautiful. It´s like a touristy type park thing on the coast of a big river or some sort of big body of water. I´m not sure if it´s seawater or what. I´ll send pictures, it was pretty. It was hotter than heck though, and there were tons of people there because they were all in vacations and everyone went to the park with their kids.

I´ll write you based on the pictures I send.  This is a picture of something dumb I did this week. After weekly planning session, we had finished a little bit earlier than the other hermanas and we were waiting for them to finish to allg o to lunch together. Well, I have a bottle full of alcohol that I mixed with a little bit of coconut oil to spray on my poor bug devoured legs. Well, I accidentally sprayed a little on the wall, and then I saw that it disappeared after ten seconds. So I started drawing flowers and stuff, having a jolly old time. The bottle was coming to its end, so I decided that I was going to write my name all graffiti-ish. I had forgotten that the liquid at the end of the bottle was most likely the coconut oil, which does not disappear.... So all the pictures I drew, those all disappeared. But my name did not. I tried cleaning it off with everything, Lysol, toothpaste, hand soap, more alcohol, shampoo. Nothing. I just managed to take off paint. So my name will forever be on the wall of this home. We put the dresser in front of it, and I¨m going to see if I can dig up some paint to cover it up. But I´m really hoping that a miracle will occur and it will all just disappear.So yeah. That was my dummy action this week.(One of them haha. I´m sure I had more)

What else can I tell you....
Hmmm..: We´re still looking for investigators. To be honest I´m a bit stressed because our zone leaders are starting to pity us, and there´s nothing I dislike more than being pitied! So this week we´re fasting and praying because we need investigators. We´re working with lots of less active members, which is also fun, but there´s nothing worse than sitting on church in Sunday without investigators. But I have faith that this week, we will finally have the people to teach. 

​This is in Malecón. There were a random stonehengeish garden. It was quite the struggle to get on this rock. I have a huge bruise on my arm from scrambling up this rock while Hermana Deforest and Hermana Espinoza tried pushing up on me. It was a struggle. So we had fun for a minute taking pictures. This is with Hermana Espinoza, the chilean. She goes home soon :( We´re going to miss her. She´s an amazing missionary and tons of fun to be around. But look how green and pretty it is here!
Attatched is another foto from Malecón.

This is supposedly some important man in Ecuadorian history, but I took a picture because it just looks like someone made a giant monument in the middle of a brook to aging Tom Selleck. 

This is Benigno. He is special needs, and he´s made plans for us to get married later today. He doesn´t want cake at the reception, just pizza (which I think is a great idea.) He likes us to call him Elder, and is going to serve in Chile, Peru, and Otavalo. 
That´s what I got for yáll this week.
I love you all, thanks to those of you that wrote, thanks for the prayers, we´ll chat next week!

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