Monday, October 6, 2014


How wonderful was conference, right? Just based on watching it one time, I´d have to say that my favorite so far has been Elder Christofferson, just because he spoke on some things that I have been studying. On Tuesday we had a zone meeting with President Riggins (can I just say he and his wife are the coolest people ever and that my dream is to be half as boss as them one day?) and he told us that the people here believe in a different God than we believe in. The god of many people here is a god of rainbows and sunshine, a god that loves everyone and who says that it doesn´t really matter what you do, because in the end God is going to be merciful and save everyone. The scriptures make it very clear that that is just not the case. So he told us that when we´re first meeting with an investigator, instead of just asking "Do you believe in God?" and moving on with the lesson, ask them if they believe in God and then, make sure it´s the same God that we believe in. We absolutely believe in a loving God, but He is also a God of justice, of laws, and - when we´re not obedient - He is most definitely a God of punishment. Which is why I really loved what Elder Christofferson said, he said that un dios que no exige tiene la misma función que un dios que no existe. I´m not sure of the exact translation in English, but I love it in Spanish because it kinda rhymes. But in effect he said that a god that requires nothing of us has the same function of a god that doesn´t exist. I loooooooove that.  Because it´s true. God requires much of us, but the rewards are huge. So that was my favorite part of conference, that little quote.

Also, voiceovers in conference are the worst things ever. I will say that I am excited to see conference in English. It´s just not the same as listening to the voices. Everyone really loved the talks that were given in Spanish, because they were able to express themselves exactly as they wanted to and you can feel their testimonies more in their own words in their own voices. I´m guessing on TV they got voiced over, but the Eduardo guy from the seventy had the most beautiful accent and his talk was amazing. it´s really cool that they can give the talks in their native languages. I´m sure it´s really special for the people that speak the language.

 I know I already said it, but I absolutely love the mission president and his wife. I´ve been feeling super discouraged because it´s such a difficult area, and other people are having great success, and we´ve got nothing, so I was excited for the opportunity to have an interview with the President. I was planning on being told all the things that I need to improve on and I was expecting to be humbled, but instead, we talked a little bit about how we need to work in a different way now, and from there he told me that I was a great missionary. That´s always nice to hear! 

Anyway, I love you all, I´ll start sending photos and then I´m off!

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