Monday, September 29, 2014


Well, this week, I feel like a ton happened. I can´t really remember any of it, and to be honest this week was one of the most stressful OF MY LIFE so maybe it´s a good thing I can´t really remember what happened.  But it´s also been a very good week. 

We had another activity! I proposed a few months ago that we do a CHOCOTALENTAZO, just like we did in Valencia. A talent show with chocolate. But it sounds cooler when you say CHOCOTALENTAZO. My "thing" in the ward is saying chocotalentazo while waving my hands in a rainbow shape. The members know that if they´re going to say chocotalentazo in front of me, they have to do the same hand motions. So we had the activity and it was a success! I´ll include some pictures. The ward mission leader´s three year old son did the dance from Risky Business. Or at least I think it´s from Risky Business. I´ve never actually seen it but the dance where the guy dances in his boxers and yeah. It was hilarious. But there was a chocolate fountain and fruit and chocolate cake and brownies, but we missionaries didn´t get to eat any chocolate because the activity was scheduled to start at six, and so naturally it started at 8, and we had to leave before it was finished.

I cried when the little girls from South Korea were singing. And I love that these last few women´s conferences have focused on the temple and covenants. I imagine that with so many girls going on missions, there could be too big of a focus on preparing for the mission instead of the infinitely more important preparing to enter the temple. But I love it. The temple is awesome. I got to go to the outside of the temple because we´re doing a new thing where we take our investigators to the temple. It was so great because there were a ton of people there from Peru. I talked to little kids that were baptized with their families a year ago and sealed to their families the day before. Their accent was so beautiful, and they live close to Piura, in a town called Paita or Payta. Were you ever there Brandon? I think Peruvians definitely win the prettiest Spanish award. I remember the boys fighting about whose country had the best Spanish, and I´m definitely on Brandon´s side. But it was precious and they were so excited to be in the temple, and they´re more excited because they´re building a temple in Trujillo that will be closer to them so they can go more often. 
So yeah. Temples are great.

My dear Hermana Rosario is just firm as a rock in the church. She just got called to be second counselor in the Primary and is doing baptisms for the dead regularly. She wants to go once a week. She also came with us to a couple teaching appointments and invites the people to come to church and bears testimony without us having to prompt her to do so. It has been very gratifying to see her progress. I´m going to have her add you on facebook Mama because she´s got some pictures of us with her that I want to share. The gospel is just great.

Who else is psyched for general conference?!
I love contacting the week before general conference, because we get to tell people straight up and right off the bat that there´s a living day prophet of God, a modern day Moses, and twelve apostles, just like in the times of Christ, and that they are all invited to come listen to them speak. Cool huh?
Love you all! 

This is the son of one of the investigators of the other Hermanas in the chocotalentazo. He was so precious, but after taking pictures with me he started lifting up my skirt and then he wasn´t too cute anymore.

 Me and Hermana Deforest with Sunday lunch. You can´t really see just how big that pile is, but there were A TON of crabs. I ate one entire crab and then 8 legs more. I would have eaten more but church was going to be starting soon and we had to go. 
Yo y Hermana Deforest (ella no es mi compañera pero servimos en el mismo barrio) con nuestro almuerzo ayer. Yo comí un cangrejo entero y 8 patas más. Yo quería comer más pero asistimos a la iglesia después de almuerzo y no pude seguir comiendo....  

 I made friends with an incarcerated cat. 

She wasn´t done bringing out all the crabs yet. 
 Went to the temple with Rosario!

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