Monday, September 8, 2014


Where do I start? This week was swell! As you might have already seen, I saw Hermana Flores and it was the happiest day ever.

On Thursday, we had a meeting in the mission home with all the hermanas in the mission. So I saw Hermana Flores and Hermana Chil and I was so happy! Tears were shed. It was awesome to be in a smaller, more intimate gathering of missionaries being taught by the mission president and his wife and even better because it was just hermanas. And they gave us breakfast, lunch, and cookies. It was just the pick-me-up I needed, and it was really special because Hermana Flores goes home in two weeks and it was her last  hurrah. I´m really gonna miss her, but I promised that I would do everything I could to go to her wedding. She wants to get married in the Monterrey temple so I figure me and Grandma Skousen will go roadtrippin´ to Monterrey. She´d come with me, right?
So yeah. We talked about the doctrine of perfection, and how we don´t need to be perfect right now (apparently that´s an issue her -  that the hermanas feel a lot of pressure to be perfect. I´m glad I got over that). Hermana Riggins also talked to us about how the numbers don´t matter, and if she had only taught and baptized this one particular family, she would be 100% satisfied with her mission labors and that it would have all been worth it. (It´s been wonderful to listen to people focusing on the importance of teaching families and not just about numbers).
I don´t have too much to share this week. I was sick in the house for two days, and staying in the house is the absolute worst thing that can happen in the mission. I had some sort of funky fever that I couldn´t get rid of and it made me feel ridiculously weak and really pale, but what really worried people is when I said I didn´t want to eat haha. That´s when they knew something was wrong. So yeah I was a pale mess.  That´s what everyone told me at least. I went to the zone meeting and when I shook hands with the Elderes they all basically said"Hi Hermana Rust, you don´t look good" or "Hey Hermana Rust, you should probably sit down" So I called the mission nurses and they said that it´s a virus that a couple other missionaries were dealing with too, and that all I could do was rest and take tylenol. So I slept all day for two days. It went by really fast for me, but I feel bad for my poor companion. She was bored to tears. But I´m fine now! That was Wednesday and Thursday and on Friday was the conference with the Hermanas. 

So yeah. Not too much to say. We´re still looking for people to teach, but we´re thrilled with the faithfulness of Rosario. She asked us for help yesterday with paying her tithing because she wasn´t sure how the donation slip worked. I love it when they pay tithing, it shows that they really are exercising their faith! I decided that tithing is definitely my favorite lesson to teach. 
So yeah. That´s what I got! I don´t have more pictures because my camera died and I lost the charger (I found it though) but the other hermanas are going to send me pictures from the Hermana meeting.
I love you all! Thanks for writing me, 
Hermana Rust

(Guess what landmark I hit in three days? Time goes by so fast!)

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