Monday, September 22, 2014


Goodness gracious I have been thinking of Grandma a lot this week. Poor thing, tell her to hang on, she has to help me with family history work when I get back and roadtrip to Monterrey!

What can I tell you about this week. Thanks to some silly misunderstandings, I am writing late. We all four went to the mission office this morning (first time!) to chat with the president. All you need to know is that we haven´t done anything wrong, we just had to go to clarify some things. But it turned out being wonderful because 1) every encounter with President Riggins is like a mini general conference, because he is just a doctrinal beast and 2) Hermana Flores was there! She goes home tomorrow, so she was having her final interview and all that stuff. I mentioned that Hermana Flores was my companion without knowing that she was there and he told me to wait and pulled her out of the meeting she was in and we got to say goodbye again. It was really awkward because the asistente was sitting there watching us cry AGAIN (he was also there when we said goodbye in the meeting with just the hermanas). I sure love her!! So we had five minutes to cry together and remember the good old times and then we left. So yeah. This day has been weird. I´m absolutely exhausted. 

This week has been another week of planting seeds. To answer your question, transfers aren´t anytime soon. The word on the street is that President Riggins likes to keep us all in our sectors more time so then we can work with families that aren´t progressing as rapidly. So I´m pretty sure I´ll be here a few more months and MAYBE have one more area before I´m headed back. I don´t know. 
But this week was nice too because it was Rosario´s birthday, and she made us earrings, and we helped her decorate for her party, and also she went to the temple this week to do baptisms for the dead. How great is that?!

It´s always fun when your investigators and converts have spiritual experiences and bear testimony to you about them. If I´m only in this sector for Rosario, I´m happy, because I know she will stay firm. She´s doing family history work, she went ot the temple, she´s already friends with all the members. She´s doing everything that a convert should be doing to seguir adelante.

I´m learning patience here (well, at least I hope I am. I know that the Lord wants me to learn patience but I´m not sure how well I´m doing it haha.) This area has been one big learning course. But one thing that I´ve been thinking about a lot lately is that as we come unto the Savior, he shows to us our weaknesses, and you have to suffer a bit, but afterwards, that weakness becomes a strength. Coming unto the Savior isn´t easy, but it´s worth it.

That´s all I got for you, sorry for not writing more, my time has run out!
I love you all!
Thanks for sending the pictures and keep the prayers coming!

This photos a little odd, but my zone was in the bus and we were bored.  

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