Monday, March 2, 2015


*It is with  mixed emotions that I  tell you this will be Hermana Rust's final post as a full-time missionary.  We will be having a little "Welcome Home Hermana Rust" get-together on Saturday evening, March 14th at our home around 6:00 - ? and would love for you to come, talk, hug, cry and be with Natalie and have treats too!  She will be speaking in sacrament meeting on Sunday, Mar. 15th @ 9:00 am Overton Chapel and we would love to have you there as well. 

You will notice Natalie only sent pictures this time, no letter.  I sense that she just couldn't bring herself to write a final letter. Thank you for your love and support of her during these glorious eighteen months.  We are grateful for good friends and family who have shared in our joy. 

Me and my beloved familia Selaya

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  1. hola
    Mi hermano esta sirviendo en la misma misión que su hija, me pidió de favor que le escribiera que su hija es una excelente misionera y que usted como madre ha hecho un buen trabajo.. Felicidades!.