Monday, July 28, 2014

#38 (July 21, 2014)

Well this week has been swell. Well, kinda. We´re kinda in a weird situation where we have no investigators and no less active people to work with (well, there`s plenty of less actives, but they`re never in their houses). It´s been rough, but we are enjoying our time. We knock on doors, and every once in a while we get a miracle.

Yesterday, we were walking to church after passing for all of our investigators (who did not attend) and some dude passed by on a bike and shouted out to us that he was going to go to church. And we shouted back MUY BIEN thinking that he was probably someone that was still drunk from the night before.
BUT HE SHOWED UP. We couldn`t believe it. In our meeting yesterday our ward mission leader was asking us about the investigator that attended and we told him that we met him in sacrament meeting and we have no idea why he attended but he told us he wants to better his life and so we invited him to be baptized, and he accepted. So that was cool. 

We had interviews with the President and his wife (interesting right?) and it was awesome.  I was in my interview with Hermana Riggins like half an hour because we were just chatting up a storm. We already love them a lot.
What else... A sister in the ward wanted to give me like 40 bucks to buy myself new shoes, because even though I`m rocking the Crocs almost every day, I still like to put on my holey shoes because they`re comfortable. She thought I didn`t have money to buy new shoes.... She`s a sweetheart. I declined and told her that she was going straight to heaven. They`re an older couple from El Salvador and they really love us. They want to take us to the city to eat pizza today.

We don`t have a cell phone. We`ve been lost these few days without it. But we don`t have to give the nightly report, so we get to sleep a bit earlier, which is nice. 

I have already celebrated my birthday twice, and it has yet to come. The first time was last Tuesday, because the elderes didn`t hear right and so we had a double celebration of my birthday and the birthday of Hermana Orihuela. If my stinkin´computer works I^ll send photos. And then yesterday, the bishop and his family celebrated my birthday. They made me my own personal flan and gave me a monkey and took lots of photos, but they`re not going to put them on facebook until tomorrow, and they promised me they would only put up the pretty pictures. You´ll have to let me know if they kept up with their promise.
I`m going to switch computer to be able to send you photos, so if I can`t write more...,
Thanks for the prayers, thanks for the letters!


Me and Hermana Orihuela
These computers are junky, so I can only send one picture this week. We`re going to look for a better cyber. 
Love you!

Pictures of her birthday celebration!  Natalie loves the Penaherrera family and so do we!!  Eternal thanks to all of you for loving Natalie and celebrating her life!!  - Lorri

More celebrating!

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