Monday, July 28, 2014


Well, I finally got transferred. I have been taken from the promised land and I am now in Guayaquil in an area that I´m pretty sure is called Orquidias. I´m a little intimidated because everyone talks about how much they don´t want to be in Orquidias because the people are richer and not as accepting. Also, it´s really hot. BUT my companion is a sweetheart. I met her in Quevedo a few months ago, and back then I thought to myself that I would like to be her companion one day. Her name is Hermana Isama and she´s from Ecuador.

It has been a very bittersweet day. I´m excited for the change, but me and Hermana Flores were a crying mess yesterday. We sang Regresa a Mi all day yesterday and today. Remember Il Divo?! Yeah well we sang that song a lot and this morning was a little awkward because we bid each other farewell and we were crying and the zone leaders were sitting there watching us with really concerned looks on their faces.

I´m a little scrambled today, I slept about 3 hours.... I didn´t bid anyone farewell. I´ve decided it´s better to tell my companion to tell everyone goodbye for me than do it myself. Goodbye´s are awkward.
So yeah! New places, new people, new experiences. 

And my birthday was swell! I´m sure you´ve already seen the HIDEOUS photos that Lina posted, they had a noche de hogar with all my loved ones. It was going to be a surprise, but as we were waiting to start, someone asked where Romina was, and Kevin said "She´s coming right now with the cake!" and it got all quiet and everyone looked at me and I thought of all the times Holly has done something like that before and I just started laughing, and then everyone started laughing and making fun of Kevin. It was fun.
The next day a sweet little Hermana invited us to lunch, and it was a huge lunch and super delicious and we were just about ready to die we were so full, and then she brought out not one, but TWO cakes and served us super huge slices of each kind. Later on that night, another member gave me a cake. So there are currently three cakes in the fridge in Valencia. Also, yesterday, the bishops mother-in-law made me a cake and you best believe they served me a GINORMOUS portion. I´m a little anti-sweets now, all this week I´ve really craved celery.
But yeah. I{m not sure what else to share. I´m a little dazed, really tired, and I´m trying to reset my brain because I keep using Mexican words and I have to reset my brain to understand my new companion´s accent. I´ve gotten really used to Hermana Flores. añksdjfañdlskfj I´m going to miss her.
I found Señor Pappy´s long lost brothers. I´m trying to upload the picture but this cyber is super shady. The keyboard is sticky. . . 

Oh happy day the sister missionary that left was a big footed gringa too and guess who just inherited TWO new pairs of shoes woo hoo yeah me.

I feel like I sound really grumpy in all the emails today. I promise I´m not grumpy, I´m just really tired and it´s been a confusing day, and I still got a whole lot to do before going to bed tonight.
My camera isn´t working with the computer.
But I am happy! I am healthy! I am well! I am excited for new people and places.
Love you all!
Thanks for the letters, I actually haven´t had a chance yet to read my birthday cards but I´m going to dig em out of the suitcase when I get back to the house. I´m also going to do a deep cleaning process. I have my own bathroom! I´m going to clean it every day! Woo hoo!
Okay yeah I´m going to go now.
Thanks for the prayers and letters and everything, I love you all!

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