Monday, July 7, 2014

#35 (A week late.......sorry! The administration.)

WOOO Does the Lord know what`s up or what? That mission call is perfect for cute Erin! She is going to learn a ton and meet so many people! That`s the mission call I wanted (or Pennsylvania... I`m not really sure how I ended up with Ecuador).

Ecuador got booted out of the world cup, and Mexico lost yesterday so right now I`m rooting for the USA and I`ve got the Bishop on my side (we`re best friends. They asked me how you were mom, apparently you`re not too active on facebook these days). There`s tons of Colombians in Ecuador though and they`re all rooting for Colombia. 

This week has been rough. My companion has been super sick, so we haven`t been able to work too much. I`m not going to lie, at first the idea of sleeping in the afternoon was very inviting, but that`s only fun for half an hour and then you just wanna go crazy.   We watched every single video in the Doctrina y Convenios dvds (we watched the clip Una Dama Elegida [I think that translates to A Chosen Lady or something] about Emma Smith about 20 times and cried like babies each time), and all of the District 1 and 2 as well as 4 versions of the Restoration (I`m scared of some of the old Jose Smiths.). 

So transfers came and went again, and I`m still here. I think that´s just because the new President´s been in Ecuador 3 days and isn`t too keen on making changes right now. We already talked to him to ask for permission to go to the hospital. Chances are my companion has dengue and has to be admitted and stay over night (I`m going to go crazy). But the good thing is that we went yesterday and our doctor friend from the last time was there. He`s super cool and we really want to convert him haha. 

In my time in the house I`ve been practicing talking in vosotros (which is the way they speak in the Bible in spanish and in parts of Spain) and working on my Enrique Iglesias accent. I think he`s from Spain, but anywho with this accent the cion and z you say with a th sound. And the ll that they usually say with a y sound or a yj sound you say with a sh sound. Like, shegar in place of saying llegar and in place of saying corazón to say heart, they say corathón.  
So yeah practicing other accents and reading Doctrine and Covenants is basically what I`ve done this week. We`ve only been able to teach like 10 lessons this week. 

We are teaching a fiery little 70 year old. She wears bright red and fuchsia lipstick and we get along well. She really likes church and she`s ticked that her grandchildren didn`t ever invite her and that she had to tell them to take her to church. 
I love you all family, thanks for writing and thanks for the prayers!
Love, Hermana Roosht, Rowst, Rawst, Roost, Roast, or Roosh.

We have a difficult last name for these folks. 

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