Monday, June 23, 2014


What can I say...
Everyone said that now that it`s June, it`s going to start cooling off and the sun isn`t going to be as strong. I`m here to tell you that they all lied.
The old man husband of a member gave me a funky fruit. I thought he was carrying some sort of dead animal, so I asked him what it was, and he told me it was a fruit that made delicious juice and then he gave it to me. I peeled it, and the pulp inside had the exact same consistency and coloring of phlegm. But I went ahead and ate it anyway and stuck parts of it in the blender with sugar and somehow the juice ended up being brown. So yeah Ecuador`s got some freaky fruit going on. I´ll include a photo. The skin looked like dragon skin. I pretended I was a student in Hogwarts in potions class. It was fun. My companion was a little weirded out I think but I enjoyed myself. 

 So there`s a sweet little hermana in our ward that is a convert of 20 years or so. She wants so badly for her family to all be members, and she`s invited us to teach family nights in her home with her grandchildren that aren`t members, and yesterday she invited us to another family night (we actually didn`t know that we were going to be teaching, her granddaughter told us that she invited us to eat hotdogs [which were delicious]), and the hermana invited her daughter and two of her sons in laws and a few other youths that were already members. We had no idea what to teach to such a wide audience of members, non members, less actives, adults, and children. Luckily we are always prepared and she started to teach from the Proclamation to the World. When was the last time we all read the Proclamation? The Proclamation is awesome. Super direct. I like that. We taught parts of Law of Chastity, temple marriage, parts of the Restoration, and parts of the Plan of Salvation, just with the Proclamation. And the adults that weren`t members really liked it. They really liked that we talked about families and that it was bonito I´ve never been too good at telling stories but what you should know is that the Spirit was really strong and I really love that families can be together forever.
We`ve had some people wanting to Bible bash this week. Sometimes it`s really good that I was called to serve speaking Spanish, because I can`t always translate what I`m thinking, and when dealing with people that have whacky ideas, it`s a good thing I can`t say what`s on my mind. But I really like disproving the doctrine of other churches with the Bible, but I do it in my personal study, because I don`t let myself Bible bash, no matter how much I like being right. 

We made t-shirts as a zone. I don´t know why but everyone wanted the t-shirts to be in English on the front. I was against the idea but oh well. The back is cool though. Our name is across the back with Ecuador Guayaquil Norte.

What else.....
Things are great. Everyone is all giddy about the world cup, and they tell me how things are going with the us, even though futbol is the last thing on my mind haha. My companion is just about dying though that we can`t watch the world cup. She`s really big on futbol and she prayed this morning that Mexico would win their game today. I love her. This morning when we heard the alarm the first thing she said was WE DIDN´T HAVE TRANSFERS! (Because if we have transfers, they call us around midnight on Sunday). So were still together! We`re surprised that they`ve kept us together so long, but hey, we`re not complaining! 

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