Monday, June 9, 2014


*This email is basically a glimpse into the ordinary, run-of-the-mill aspects of a South American missionary, written in true Nataliesque style of course.  - Admin. of the Blog (mom)

What do I have to say this week?

I learned this week that de-parasiting yourself is just one of those things that you gotta do. It´s apparently not weird and it´s a-okay to ask the stake high counsel representative how often he deparasites himself. The whole conversation grossed me out big time but I was also really intrigued and so me and Hermana Flores are in the middle of a deparasiting treatment right now. So wish us luck with that... Also we´re both sick with cold/flu (again) because of the climate changes. Apparently it´s going to start being "cold". I´m thinking their idea of cold is a little bit different because I´m still sweating. Also, I continue talking in Spanish in my sleep! Success!

We haven´t had transfers yet, next week it is incredibly likely that I will be leaving. I´m going to be really sad, I really love the members and it breaks my heart to think that I won´t see them or Hermana Flores again (Hermana Flores only has 12 weeks left in the mission). We have had lots of laughing moments this week and we are determined to enjoy our final week together the most we can.
The carnival came to town again and now they´re leaving. I´m happy, because Ecuadorian carnies are 200% more creepy than American ones. One of them (a young carnie) followed us and sang to me about how I¨m a princess, and now I sing the song he sang to me to my companion and she thinks it´s pretty hilarious.

This week I tried cacao, and not chocolate, like the actual plant pod thingy. You break it open and suck on the seeds. It was pretty tasty, even though it had nothing similar to chocolate as far as taste goes.
So we were writing earlier today but the power went out. So we had to look for a new cyber to go to, and we walked all over Valencia. But yeah anyway the semáforos (you´re going to have to look that one up, I can´t think of the word in English) were out too, so the streets were in free-for-all mode. That was kinda scary.

In two days I will be at the halfway point in the mission whaaaaaaaaaaaaat.
Time passes super fast.
Sad story, the bishop got robbed. They hit him and stole his phone, and he had lots of pictures of us that he was going to post on facebook later, but yeah they´re all gone.  But we´re excited because their visas got approved!

There´s not really any rhyme or reason to this email. I wish I had more to tell you all, but I´ve settled into a routine and things aren´t new and exciting anymore. I feel like I´m never going back to the US and that this is just my life now, so I don´t really recognize what things are interesting and what things aren´t, not it´s just... life.  I got nothing else to say! Love you all!


Here´s a picture of me that Hermana Flores took. We were in an area called la Cadena. It´s super green, it´s in the middle of the bananeras and cacao fields. Breathing the air there is like eating a salad.

We painted a house this week. We sanded down the walls and errythang. The paint here is superwerid though, you mix it with water and they you have to paint 400 coats.  It seemed to me that we could have just painted it once without water but no one was really feeling that idea. 

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