Monday, June 2, 2014


* Random excerpts of Hermana Rust's letter this week which was more for family than blog.     Sorry for the choppiness. -  The Hermana Natalie Rust Blog Administrator (her mommy)

 I´m tempted to just tell you guys all about my study of the general conference Liahona because the conference Liahonas are the best things ever invented. I`m pretty sure Boyd K. Packer is going to die though because this last talk was so amazing and so BAM powerful testimony of the Salvador that I`m pretty sure he can`t top it again so he´s going to have to leave that as his final testimony. 

 Everything is swell! We´re not going to write much time today because we´re going to go on an adventure with Lina. 

We´ve been travelling a lot this week to a place called El Vergel that´s a tiny little town in the middle of nowhere. It`s beautiful, and I think I`m the first gringa that`s ever been there. It´s surrounded by bananeras and we travel in giant trucks with benches in the back, so everything´s open and you drive with the wind in your hair and it´s swell. I have a curse though, which is that I absolutely cannot be in a truck or bus more than six minutes without falling asleep. I don`t know what it is, I`ll be fine, with lots of energy, and all the sudden my companion is waking me up and telling me that we´ve already arrived.

Speaking of sleeping, I scared my companion because I was singing in my sleep. She asked while I was sleeping if I was okay, and then apparently I started telling her that I couldn`t go with her, because I had to go to church the next day. So it`s kinda fun to know that 1) I observe the Sabbath Day in my dreams and 2) I`m dreaming in Spanish. 

I haven`t taken more photos yet...... I`m really bad and taking out my camera, but I feel like the bishop and Lina take enough that I don`t need to worry about it while I`m here. Bishop told me that he chatted with you momma on facebook. How´s his english? He told me he just uses google and hopes for the best haha. But they are 100% serious about this visiting the US thing. They already have a buddy that promised them tickets to general conference, and it´s cheaper to fly into vegas, so they´re going to visit us and then I`m going to drive them up to conference. And they wanna learn to make Chinese food. 

We might come back and write later, but if not, I love you all!

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