Monday, February 9, 2015


Well the wonderful family that wants to get married so they can get baptized made bollos this week, which are a liquidy mixture of plantains and fish and ground peanuts cooked in banana leaves ..... not my favorite haha. I still bought a ton though to help out. It was kinda fun though because we walked around with all the bollos we bought and went and gave them to some of the more humble families.  

We´re really excited because we´ve been finding more families to teach. My goal is to have 15 families to teach before I go, and we´re halfway there. I really like contacting, it`s just that we´re working the two of us where there were two companionships working, so we have a lot of area and not much time between lessons to contact, but I like talking to the people in the street.

It is RAINY! I love it! The weather rotates between torrential downpour and blazing sun. I prefer the rain. When the sun comes out, it turns everything all vapory and it isn`t too fun. But the rain thunders down all night and I sleep like a baby and when it rains I am happy as can be.  My companion is not fond of getting wet though haha and it shows. Poor thing. A few nights ago the rain was falling so hard that the water coming off the roof had higher water pressure than in the shower... so I went ahead and washed my hair outside in the tube with the roof water (it had already been raining hard a few hours so it was clean water). My companion thought I was bizarre but she took a picture. You can`t see just how hard it was raining but just trust me -  there was a lot of water.

Our cute little new house. It`s small and perfect and I love it. Upstairs is the bedroom, under the bedroom is the kitchen and under the stairs is the bathroom. The bedroom has air conditioning and it is relatively cockroach free so I`m happy. The bishop owns the apartment and so he put those big gospel art printouts of Jesus´s baptism, of Christ in the Americas, and in the bedroom there´s Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane. by far my favorite missionary house. I thought I`d show ya. 

This is a park near the chapel. Big fish. 

Thanks for writing!
I love you all!
Hermana Rust

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