Friday, February 20, 2015


I got to do an intercambio en my beloved Valencia this week! It was fantastic!" The only bummer is that I had some serious eye issues going on so my eye is either crying or halfway closed in every single picture that I took. In the picture with Lina my eye is normal, but you can see the rocky mountains bursting out of my forehead, which is a bummer.

Also, I didn`t get to see the Bishop and his family which was very disappointing, but the sister leader said that we can probably do another intercambio before I go.But it was great! It was like I never left, I still remembered everything and everyone and I was so excited I was shaking most of the time haha. 

But this week has been wonderful! It`s Carnaval right now, which means we have to tell the people in the street to please not throw water and paint on us, but so far they`ve all been obedient haha. They respect the badge. 

It`s been a wonderful week. I`ve been able to see the Spìrit working with us and helping us help others. We`ve found people with lots of weird ideas about the Church and we`re helping them receive testimonies. It`s a grand feeling. 

I can`t say that I have had any movie-worthy experiences, but the most wonderful and terrific thing that anyone can do is help someone to put the Atonement into action in their lives and change and accept the truth. So... that`s pretty fantastic. Holly, you`ll be able to do just that, and it will be marvelous. 

Darn it my camera doesn`t work with these computers, so I`ll be sending pictures next week. I love you all! Thanks for writing! 

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