Monday, January 12, 2015


I`m sure you`ve already realized that I had cambios. They called last night and told us that not just me, but also my companion had cambios. So now the hermanas aren't going to share the ward anymore (better) and we went to the bus station and the assistants told us that we would be opening a sector and that I would continue training my hija. So we`re opening a new sector and I`m in Quevedo, which is close to Valencia! I`m thrilled. I`m exhausted, but thrilled and we`re ready for  the adventure.

We had quite the issue finding our house, the zone leaders only sent us a message with the address so we hopped in a taxi and poor guy had a ton of patience with us and helped us find the house. So we finally find the apartment building and we don`t know which apartment it is - so I tried the keys on all the apartments. I`m really glad that no one caught me trying to put our keys in their doors.

I got your Christmas package and read through it earrrly in the morning when I was packing. I don`t really remember what was in it because like I said, I`m exhausted and I had to pack all night (okay... I didn`t really pack all night. Mostly I was just talking with Hermana McKee. We`re really gonna miss each other) but I remember that I liked it haha so thanks! When I`m more mentally able I`ll look through it again. 

I`m trying to think of what else I can tell y├áll. I`m so exhausted. We were in a bus for quite a few hours. This is going to be a fantastic adventure. We don`t have a map, the missionaries that were here before didn`t write directions down, and the members don`t answer their phones, so we`re going to lose ourselves in the cities a bit. I`m stoked! 

We took an awkward family photo. My companion didn`t understand. But we were taking pictures because we never thought we would keep on being companions!

A girl in the ward named Pati liked the snowflake headband, so I gave it to her. She`s 22. I feel like her and Britney would be good friends. 
Also, I think I may have only put make up on one eye this day....

I don`t know if I already send you this picture. This was dinner on new years with my beloved convert Hermana Rosario. 

My old zone celebrating Hermana Jorge`s birthday. She`s peruvian! She`s great! I`m so excited for Holly!

Ten points to whoever finds me in these pictures!

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