Monday, January 26, 2015


 This week has been wonderful. This area has challenges very, very different from the challenges in my former area. I want to tell you about two families that I absolutely love. 

First, there is a sweet little couple that was baptized a few months ago. They are in their seventies (but look much younger. Ecuador`s really good about keeping you young. I think it`s all the bananas) and very, very humble. They barely have anything, they have a house about the size of my old cave room with the sheets and they are recent converts. 

They were living in free union before and had to get married to get baptized - but here`s the dealio. The spouse had a stroke a few years ago and mentally is okay (a little slower than before) but physically is a child. The husband takes such good care of her -  she literally can`t do anything on her own. 

THis week, we have been doing short little visits to them, reminding them the commandments and singing them hymns. This week, we`re going to sing hymns while another hermana (who I adore and will be sending a picture of her to you in the future) has volunteered to paint her nails. They live decently far from the chapel and can`t afford a taxi, so every Sunday the husband puts his wife in her wheelchair and he pushes her to church. And it`s far. And they live out in the boonies where the streets aren`t paved, and it is not easy to drag a wheelchair over rocks and through mud.. It`s been wonderful to see the faith of this sweet little simple man who is just doing everything he can to get along and take care of his sweetheart.

The other family is a family of investigators that the hermanas were teaching before. They also live in very humble circumstances. They have attended church very faithfully since October. They`re just waiting to have enough money to get married so that they can get baptized. We went to visit them, just to get to know them and verify if the other hermanas had taught them about tithing, fasting etc. and they bore their testimonies to us about how the Gospel has changed their lives - and they`¡re not even members yet! The spouse reminds me a TON of Dad. A ton! I don`t even know exactly what it is, but something about him just makes me think of Dad. It has been awesome to get to know them because they are so GOOD and have such a great desire to follow Jesus Christ. 

Questions for today.

1.  What was your greatest success this week?
Hmmm.... I can`t say that I have had a particularly successful moment. We`re still just trying to get to know everything and everyone and working to find more families to teach. We actually have found a ton of people. It`s been really fun because the members here are super supportive. They ask us when they can present us to people, when they can accompany us in the lessons etc. It`s a nice change because in our previous ward getting members to help us out was like pulling teeth haha and here we don`t have time to work with all the members that want to work with us haha. 

2.  What was your greatest challenge this week?

The greatest challenge this week... it`s hasn`t been too challenging either. It was really, really, really hot. I am burnt to a crisp. That was challenging. We got lost yesterday and it was just about the hottest day ever and the sun was so strong. And we were lost. And it was Sunday, so we do everything possible to not buy water, even if we are about to die. Luckily we found a members house and she gave us water and we did not die. But it got close.

3.    How were your prayers answered this week?
Haha in many, many ways. Too many to count. Each time someone tells me something and I don`t know how to respond, I pray real quick and a scripture comes to me or the Spirit tells me what to say. So... there have been many silent prayers answered.

4.    How was the influence of the Holy Ghost present this week?
Well... like I said up there haha. When we`re teaching, if it`s not by the Spirit, I`ve just kinda learned to cut the lesson short, because it just doesn`t work if we don`t have the Spirit, it´s not even worth it. The words that I can think of on my own can`t help the people change their lives and come unto Christ, but the words that the Spirit puts into my heart can.

5.    What is the greatest change in you?
Is this talking mission wise or just this week? One thing I was thinking about a few nights ago is that I don`t get mad. I just don`t. That`s pretty cool I think. I don`t like getting mad. Frustrated yes, but mad, nope. Cool right?

Me and my companion went to downtown Quevedo to buy her some shoes. It`s pretty close. You cross a big bridge to get there (Quevedo is called the city of rivers) and bam you`re in downtown. Not that downtown is a big deal either haha Quevedo is pretty small city wise. YESTERDAY we ate lunch with the cutest family ever. Seriously they are so cute. They met in the MTC haha and they`re not newlyweds but the way they talk to each other and hold hands makes you think that they were, but anyway, they put on Piano Guys while we were eating lunch and it was so much fun. I really miss music haha. 

Love you all!
Hermana Rust

Some fotos from my old sector that they sent me. I can`t save them to my camera so I`ll just send em to you guys. There`s a good explanation for that clown picture, I promise. 

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