Monday, January 19, 2015



Tell us about your new area, ward, missionary work, and still being comps with your hija. 
Well it looks like my hija is gonna kill me - mission wise. But I`m happy about it haha. The new ward is fantastic! Tons of fun! The members are all very friendly and want to help us get to know the sector. It`s huge and parts are very humble. 

I held a monkey yesterday! A little baby monkey. I`m afraid I will not be sending many pictures because I won`t be carrying my camera around, it`s kind of dangerous around here. Not like, life-threatening dangerous, just stolen purses etc. dangerous. 

We are working with a lot of families that need to get married! We`re trying to work some sort of deal out as a stake with the government office to help these people out, because the cost of getting married is difficult.  

How is the new district and zone?
My new district and zone are fine. They are all really young, age wise and in the mission haha and lots of gringos so it`s a bit different. There are only 4 Latinos and 2 of them speak English so we speak a looot of English. We played volleyball this morning. That was fun. 

How many hermanas in your apartment?
It`s just me and mijita in our house, it`s really quiet. It`s even quieter too because I talk to her in English in the house and she`s still not too fond about responding haha, but the area seventy told us all about how important it is to learn English so we`re gonna do it!

You have been there 17 months!  Are you used to the humidity yet?
IT IS SO HUMID.  My skin went all haywire this week and now has the same  bumpiness, and dampness of that of a frog. I imagine I smell about the same too. 

Will you be able to visit your beloved Valencia as it is only 20 kilometers from where you are now?
THE LIDEREZA IS IN VALENCIA SO I AM GOING TO REQUEST AN INTERCAMBIO AS SOON AS POSSIBLE: I just about died when the assistants told me that the lidereza was in Valencia, so I hope to be able to visit very, very soon. Oh yeah...  the lidereza is the sister leader. Like... she does the intercambios.

That`s about it. 

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